Australia’s first foil manufacturer, Konrad is available to demo in Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii.  Paka'a Foil is the first USA dealer and distributor.  Engineered for maximum 'surf-ability' and industry leading durability with a 1 year manufacturing warranty, Konrad is poised to fly. 


An awesome choice for a lifetime foil set from beginner to expert, the Konrad FLYR foil easily upgrades to smaller or larger wings. Can also choose full carbon mast and fuselage (weighing in under 8 lbs), all with guaranteed forward and reverse compatibility.


Generally, a smaller front wing works well for most foil surfing, medium wing for most foil SUP or small waves, and larger wing for wing surfing, tiny waves, or flat water pumping.  Some other features include:

  • 1300, 1600 and 1900cm2 Medium Aspect interchangeable front wings.  High Aspect foil wings, the Glide Series, also available.

  • Extruded mast, machined fuselage and base mount, all with a proprietary coating to reduce corrosion and increase stiffness

  • Ultralight full carbon fuselage and mast also available

  • Premium hardware with Titanium torx head screws and deep shaft wing connection for rock-steady, lifetime wobble-free fit

Konrad Boarding

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